Industrial PLC Scada/DCS Trainer Model 019M

Can learn about different aspects of application trainers like industrial PCL, SCADA, DCS etc. using simulated building blocks / replaceable application panel.(SAPs)Analog I/O channel (Optional) with potentiometer for all simulation.
 Connection through sturdy 4mm Banana sockets & Patch cords.
 Students workbook & Instructor’s Guide provided with each unit

Item Description

  • Analog I/O channel (Optional) with potentiometer for all simulation.
  • Connection through sturdy 4mm Banana sockets & Patch cords.
  • Make
    LG master J120 S seriesStudents workbook & Instructor’s Guide provided with each unit

Technical Specifications

Make-LG master J120 S series


 K7M DR 30UE (18DI+120)-Default
 K7M DR (T) 20u(12DI+4R+4T)(required for stepper motor)
 K7M-DR20UE(12DI+8R) (for Electro Pneumatic)
 K7M DR 40UE (24DI+16DO) (for Higher DIO Capacity)
 K7M DR 30U (18DI+12 DO)- (required for DCS-RS485)

Memory-2K step (EEPROM), 0.4usec per instruction

DIO modules (Optional)
a) DIO 10: G7E DR 10A (6DI+4R) (additional DIO module for expansion if needed )

AIO modules (Optional)
a) AI03: G7F ADHA-(2AI+1A0) / b) AI04: G7F ADHB – (2AI+2AO)
A/O: 0-5V / 10 V settable range, 12 Bit resolution.

RTC (Optional)
G7E-RTCA. Real Time Clock Module to display the clock using SCADA Software.

KGLWIN supports ladder programming & monitoring / trouble shooting & instruction set

Communication Ports
RS232C for Ladder Programming, RS485 with LG protocol for Multidrop Networking

Operating Voltage
110/220Vac + 20% 50/60 Hz, DLC (55VA),24 VPS (75VA)

Mechanical Specification
Tabletop Aluminum profile rack of 4×2 matrix consisting of (5+2) panels inclusive of converter cum distribution panel (CDP) and simulation cum extension panel (SEPs) to provide necessary switches, lamps, pots and application panels.

Dimensions: 960 (L) x 300 (W) x 545 (H) mm. Net Wt.23 Kg.

Converter cum Distribution panel / CDP
 Total 64 No. of 4 mm Banana Sockets, 24 for Digital inputs, 16 for digital Outputs, 4 for Analog I/O & 16 for +24V supply & GND. Facilitates easy replacement / maintenance / wiring.

Simulation cum Extension Panel / SEP
a) For Digital Outputs:
 8 No. of LED Indicator, 8 No. of Relay Panel with coil rating 24V and contact rating of 220V AC/1 Amp (Resistive).
b) For Digital Inputs:
 8 No. of Digital Input.(4 toggle switches + 4 push
c) For AIO: (Supplied only if AIO modules ordered)
 6No. of Potentiometer to simulate inputs to AI Channels.
 2No. of Analog Output Channels.

Power Supply Panel
 24V/2 Amp SMPS type Supply, Power ON Indicator / 3 Nos. 230V O/P with switch & fuse protection circuit use.

Application Panel & SAPS (Select 1 or 2)

a) Common Base Board for Static Application Panel: consisting of 35 LEDs, with 10 LED Bar Graph for AO & 32 sockets, RTD signal conditioning circuit for temperature sensor.
b) Replaceable 19 Nos of Static Application Panel which may be inserted into common baseboard panel:-
1) Door Bell Operation, 2) Switching of lights,3) Silo control, 4) 7-Segment Display, 5) Starter Control, 6) Sequential Control of Motors, 7) Star Delta Control, 8) Resistance Welding, 9) Tank Level Control*, 10) Traffic Light Control, 11) Bottling Plant*, 12) Drink Dispenses, 13) Reaction Vessel*, 14) Oven*, 15) Parking Garage, 16) Combination Lock, 17) Elevator Simulator, 18) Process Control Trainer*, 19) Washing Machine (*needs analog AIO module)
c) Stepper motor panel P25: (optional)*
 12V-7.5C step stepper motor
 Dir. & speed control.
(Needs CPU with transistorized digital outputs)