Electrical Work Bench Model ELTR 017M

Sci-tech Electrical Work Bench Model ELTR 017M is designed for testing of electrical / electronic instruments, industrial and household products.
The work bench provides AC & DC power supplies as well as mains power supply sockets where the products under test can be plugged in and tested. AC & DC voltmeters, ampere-meters allows to read the product parameters.

Item Description

The instruments are mounted in vertical frame and it cannot be easily removed as protection against damage. The provided test cables enable ease of connection to products under test.
The bench top is made from sturdy wooden board and topped with rubber mat to ensure the top is not damaged due to scratches or heavy metal products being tested.

Technical Specifications

Assembly: Table is made from 3 assemblies & sub-assemblies
a) Bottom stand Pi type structure with table top, drawers etc.
b) Hind rectangular box, also called as switch box, to hold single phase & three phase power sources etc.
c) Optional top-side rectangular box mounted on top of Hind or switch box to house various instruments like CRO, FG, & power suppliers etc.
Table Top Material: The nova pan or Rubber wood with white/Silver gray with smooth finish veneer finish table top.
Drawer: Drawers to have two position options: Horizontal (optional) or vertical (Default). Horizontal drawers have restriction of height else they will obstruct knees of tall person while sitting in front of table. Vertical drawer has limitation of no. of students which can be accommodated in front of table i.e. only one but advantage here is bottom drawer can be heighted.
Out of 3 drawers, one is open type & would double up as PC keyboard carrier with mouse pad on its side. Other two drawers are closed type, lockable. Of these two, bottom drawer has double height to accommodate tall (pneumatic/hydraulic) components.
Dimensions: Upper Drawer: 400 mm (L) X 480 mm (W) X 190 mm (H)
Tall Drawer: 400 mm (L) X 480 mm (W) X 600 mm (H)
Open Drawer: 700 mm (L) X 300 mm (W) X 045 mm (H)
Writing Pad: 335 mm (L) X 300 mm (W) X 018 mm (H)
Pull out Put Writing pad provided above upper drawer on right side of table
Electrical Fitting: Switch box with screw-able side panel to facilitate wiring & controlling separate sets of 5 Amp switch & 5 pin 3 phase stock proof protective socket with 4 Pole MCB with Neon indicator provided on the facing panel of switch box.
Mounted Instruments & Power Supplies:
AC/DC Power Supplies:
1) Regulated DC Power Supply Consisting of 2 Meters to read voltage/current of each output for Single output Power Supply (0-30V DC) & Fixed Output Ranges: 5V, 12V @ 5Amps. Ripple &
Noise: <mVrms Output current: Max rated Current with over load RED LED indication.

Regulation: Line: <0.01% _2mV for 10% change in line, Load: <0.01% +2mV for load change from zero to full load Ripple & Noise: <1mV rms max Indication.
2) Unregulated variable DC supply 0-300 VD/5A; Voltage: 0-300VDC variable current 5A
3) Single Phase Auto Transformer : 0-300V@5A; Voltage: 0-300V AC @ Current: 5A. Output on terminals. (Optional three phase Auto-Transformer)
4) Multifunction 1 Phase Meter
Aux Supply: 230VAC 50MHz
Ranges: Voltage: 0 to 300V; Current: 1A/5A range; Display ; LCD Display ; CTR : 10/1A; Measurement : V, A, Hz, PF, KW, KVA, KVar Energy; Terminals 4mm banana sockets