Electrical Installation Trainer MODEL ELTR 013

Sci-tech Electrical Installation Trainer Model ELTR 013 is designed to provide student with a good foundation in electrical technology and to prepare them for career as an installation/service technician.
The system consists of a number of modules which are suitable for the study of electrical measurement, electrical installation and for the troubleshooting of electrical installations. Each module contains real electrical components such as lamps, push buttons, timers, circuit breakers and relays. These modules can be arranged on the panel frame stand in a variety of configuration to make many different and interesting installations.

Item Description

Connection between the components or between the modules are made by using 4mm test leads which plug into 4mm color coded heavy-duty binding posts. This will then allow the students to do the wiring quickly and with many variations, so that the learning will become more interesting and effective. The trainer comes complete with laboratory manual which contains many experiments on electrical installation technology. Mobile Training Frame is available to mount the panels.

Technical Specifications


ELTR 013 Electrical Installation Trainer

The trainer has the following specifications:
Residential Switches:
a. Mounted on Plexiglas s panels with 4mm terminals
b. Switch , surface mount, 2 way, 2 terminal, 10A , 1gang (4 modules)
c. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 3 terminals, 10A, 1 gang (4 modules)

d. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 4 terminals, 10A, 1 gang (4 modules)
e. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, Intermediate, 10A, 1 gang (4 modules)
f. Switch, surface mount, 1 way, 2 terminals, 10A, 2 gang (2 modules)
g. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 3 terminals, 10A, 2 gang (2 modules)
h. Switch, surface mount, 2 way, 4 terminals, 10A, 2 gang (2 modules)
i. Switch, surface mount marked “Bell” (2 modules)
j. Switch, surface mount, illuminated (2 modules)
k. Switch, surface mount, dimmer (2 modules)
l. Switch, ceiling pull type, 1way, 3 terminal, 10A (2 modules)
m. Bell/Door opener push button: (1 module)
n. 2 SPST switches 250 VAC, 110A
Sockets Sets:
The sockets are mounted onto plexiglass panel with 4mm terminals, each socket includes a matching plug.
a. 1 Phase socket with switch , 13A, 3 prong, 1gang (3 modules)
b. 1 Phase socket with switch , 13A, 3 prong, 2gang (2 modules)
c. 1 phase socket ,Shuko Type, 16A, 1 gang (5 modules)
d. 1 phase industrial Socket , with cover, 16A, 2Pole & Earth (2 modules)
e. 3 phase industrial socket , with cover, 16A ,2Pole with Neutral & Earth (2 modules)
f. 1 phase CEE ,16A, 3 Round Prong (2 modules)

Industrial switches:
a. Toggle switches , 2PST (4 modules)
b. Push Button,1 NO 1NC (2 modules)
c. Cam Switches, ON /OFF (2 modules)
d. Selector switch, (for three phase amperage measurement)(1 module)
e. Selector switch (for three phase voltage measurement) (1 module)
f. Stepping relay for sequencing : 2SPST switches with 4 sequences (1 module)
g. Latching relay:(1modules)
h. 2 relay with Bistable operating contacts, coil,
i. 24 VAC, 3 contacts, 48VAC, 2A

Circuit Breakers:
a. MCB,1 phase, 6A (5 modules)
b. MCB,1 phase, 16A (2 modules)
c. MCB,3 phase, 16A (1 module)
d. ELCB,1 phase (1 module)
e. ELCB,3 phase (1 module)
f. NFB,1 phase (1 module)
Lights and Fixtures:
It includes match lamp holders complete with lamps mounted on to plexiglass panels with 4mm terminals,
a. Incandescent lamp holder with bulb ,E27,220V (4modules)
b. Incandescent lamp holder with bulb ,E14,220V (4modules)
c. Fluorescent lamp holder with starter and ballast,10W (2modules)
d. Fluorescent lamp holder with starter and ballast, 20W (2modules)
e. Mercury lamp holder with lamp (2 modules)
f. Pilot signaling lights, 24VAC, (1modules)
g. Set of three (red, yellow, green)
Controls and Components:
a. Control transformer, input 220 VAC, output 6/12/24 (2 modules)
b. Control relay : 24 VAC, 2NO 2NC (2 modules)
c. Control relay : 220VAC, (2 modules)
d. Timer : 24hours 2NO 2NC (1 module)
e. Door Bell, 12VAC (1module)
f. Buzzer ,12VAC (1module)
Measuring Instruments:
a. Mains input panel for Single and Three phase (1 module)
b. Set of stackable 4mm connection test leads (set)

c. Test leads stands of stackable cable (One)
d. Ampere meter :0 to 20 Amps (1 module)
e. Voltmeter : 0 to 500VAC (1 module)
f. Ampere meter : 0-5 Amps (1module)
Telephone/Intercom Modules:
a. Door phone signaling board (1 module)
b. Master phone / Intercom (2 rooms + door station + buzzer) (1 module)
c. Sub station phone / Intercom (2 modules)
d. Signaling push button (maid / porter / valet) (1 module)
e. Electric door lock 12V(1 module)
Training Panel Frames:
a. Three Level Mobile Frames with 4 rails (1 module)
b. Height : 1850mm , Width : 1100mm
Additional Items:
1. Additional meters to enhance the measurement capabilities
2. Storage Cabinets are available for safe and secure storage of the Panel Modules.
3. Double Door Storage cabinet with slots to accommodate the panels
Electronic Fault insertion system:
a. Multiple electronic fault insertion system :
This system allows for multiple faults to be inserted at any one time. Faults can be inserted individually or in groups
b. Circuit block diagram electronic fault display panel :
Features electronic schematic block diagram with faults indicated by LEDs. When the fault is electronically activated a corresponding LED will illuminate showing the fault is active.
c. Student Testing Mode :

The LED fault indication display can be deactivated so that the faults can be active but the display can be switched Off
d. Electronic Fault Reset Button :
The LED control should have a fault-reset button that will clear and reset the system back to normal.
e. Test Points :
The trainer has short circuit protected test points that allow the student to take measurements during the troubleshooting exercises.