– Each of following standalone Electrical trainers may need a set of associated panels which are mounted in a light weight sturdy aluminum flat demo panel system.
– Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to 4mm sturdy shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrangement for high voltage circuits.

Item Description

– Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screwless overlays showing circuit diagram & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connections.
– Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook

Technical Specifications

– Aluminum rack: of 1* 4/2*5 matrix used as flat panel demo panel system to house 4/10 panels needed for the trainer ordered.
– Dimensions :500(H)*910(L)*300(D)mm or 940(H)*1176(W)*305(D)mm
Sci-tech Electrical Laboratory Model SCI-ET is suitable to carry out following experimental set-ups using additional equipment shown herewith:

Integrated Transformer Panel Nt. Wt = 66kg / Gr Wt 109kg (1KVA/3KVA)

1 phase – VA rating – 1KVA (300VA), Construction – (2) Nos. of double wound iron core EI step down X’mer, Primary – 230Vac / 4.5A (230Vac/1.3A), 50Hz brought out on 2×2 sockets x 3 (2) primaries, Secondary – 110Vac/9A (200Vac-1.5A) brought out on 2×2 sockets x 3 secondaries.

2 phase – VA rating – 1KVAx3 = 3KVA (100VAx3=300VA), Construction – 1no of iron core strip lamination type step down Delta primary / Star secondary design, Primary – 3 nos. Isolated primaries 0-415 / 2.5A (0.24A) at 50Hz brought out on 3×3 sockets, Secondary – 110Vac/9A (200Vac-1.5A) brought out on 2×2 sockets x 3 secondaries.

3nos. of isolated winding groups main – 56V/9A (110V/0.5A), Zigzag 56V/9A (110V/0.5A) Tertiary 110V/2A (220V/0.25A). Brought out on 3x3x3 sockets.

5) Control Panels – Light wt sturdy Aluminum powder coated flat demo panel system containing modular panels as follows – Dimension (mm) = 940 (W) x 1176 (H) x 305(D) Nt. Wt. 27kg (42Kg Gr Wt)