Domestic Gas Supply Trainer Model PT 003

With Sci-tech Domestic Gas Supply Trainer Model PT 003, the experiments are performed with air. A compressed air connection with reservoir and pressure reducing valve are included on the panel.

Item Description

The trainer has two pipe circuits that can be individually selected. Various leaks can be simulated in one gas line. The other line represents a normal gas supply pipe. A gas meter is fitted in each line. Typical industrial components are used. Leak detection and installation work can be performed on gas pipes by the trainee.

Technical Specifications

[1] Exercises on gas pipes

[2] 2 individually selectable pipe sections

[3] 1 gas meter with 1 connection

[4] 1 gas meter with 2 connections

[5] 1 pipe section for finding leaks

[6] 1 pipe section as supply pipe with gas socket and gas connection with ball valve

Air pressure controller

– max. inlet pressure: 21bar

– outlet pressure: 0.01…0.6bar

Gas pressure controller

– admission pressure: 350mbar

– outlet pressure: 20mbar

Leak testing device: max. 500mmWC

Dimensions & weight
l x w x h: 1650 x 200 x 1100 mm
Weight: approx. 50 kg

Service Required
Compressed air supply