Digital Refrigeration System Analyzer Model RAC 037

The display reads in, digital or a combination of both, and monitors two pressures, two live temperatures, sub cooling and superheat, and saturation temperatures The refrigeration system analyzer comes standard There is no reason to give up your favorite manifold, just improve it.

Item Description

Looking for an almost bullet proof product designed for a technician by a technician Quicker, more accurate diagnostics: easily spot hidden problem using sub-psi pressure dynamics Simplify cumbersome procedures: convenience, better visibility and less frustration improves productivity and employee morale. Staff sees appropriate tools and training as tokens of faith and respect from management. Fewer unnecessary or inappropriate repairs: reduce costs on current maintenance contracts, allow you to bid more aggressively for new contracts. Rapid payback: Allows you to save 10 – 15 minutes or more at many jobs. Soon the analyzer is paid for and making money for you!

Technical Specifications

– Shall see pressure dynamics to readily know if the system’s thermostatic expansion valve is modulating properly
– Sleek, compact design
– Saturation, sub cooling, and superheat readings are automatic
– This almost immediate knowledge of system behavior and faults can help save up to 10 minutes and more on many jobs
– Dynamic Offset” bar graph clearly shows modulation of control valves
– Integrated temperature probe for automatic superheat and sub cooling readings
– Max and min pressure monitoring for control set-up
– Temperature probe for automatic superheat and sub cooling readings
– Auto zero key to eliminate manual recalibration
– Vacuum detection in Hg
– Easy-to-read LCD screen with large 3/8″ digits
– Rugged case construction with rubber boot to tolerate impact and resist typical
– System Analyzer with TITAN™ 4-valve Manifold
– Complete with standard nozzle fitting and adaptor Kit
– Come with Temperature Probe; Extend Manifold Hock, Rubber Boot.
– Durable construction and tough case tolerates drops and impacts