Deformation of Straight Beam Model MT 011

Beams are key structural elements in mechanical engineering and in construction. A beam is a bar-shaped
component in which the dimensions of the cross-section are much smaller than the length and which is
subjected to load along and perpendicular to its longitudinal axis. The load perpendicular to the longitudinal axis causes a deformation of the beam – that is, bending. Based on its size, the beam is viewed as a one dimensional model.
The science of the strength of materials deals with stress and strain resulting from the application of load to a
component. Many fundamental principles of the strength of materials can be illustrated well by a straight beam.
The beam under investigation in Sci-tech Deformation of Straight Beam Apparatus Model MT 011 can be supported in different ways.

Item Description

* Deformation of a beam on two or more supports under point loads (e.g. single-span beam)1
* Deformation of a cantilever beam under point loads1
* Statically determinate or indeterminate systems

Technical Specifications

[1] elastic lines of statically determinate and indeterminate beams under various clamping conditions
[2] 3 steel beams with different cross-sections
[3] 1 brass and 1 aluminum beam
[4] 3 articulated, height-adjustable supports with force gauge
[5] 1 support with clamp fixing
[6] force gauges can be zeroed
[7] 3 dial gauges to record deformations
[8] 4 sets of weights with adjustable hooks
[9] anodized aluminum section frame housing the experiment
[10] storage system to house the components

Technical Specifications
– length: 1000mm
– cross-sections
3x20mm (steel)
4x20mm (steel)
6x20mm (steel, brass, aluminum)
Frame opening: 1320x480mm
Measuring ranges
– force: -50..+50N, graduations: 1N
– travel: 0…20mm, graduations: 0,01mm
– 4x 2,5N (hanger)

– 4x 2,5N
– 16x 5N