Bomb Calorimeter Model TH 101

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.
– Entire assembly made of corrosion resistant metals.
– User-friendly operation.

Item Description

Sci-tech Bomb Calorimeter Model TH 101 is used for determination of heat of combustion, calorific value & sulphur contents of solid & liquid fuels. The bomb body & lid are machined from corrosion resisting Stainless Steel rod. Its capacity is approx 300 ml. It is provided with high-pressure valve & electrodes. The Calorimeter vessel, water jacket, Stirrer FHP motor driven are provided as per IP Standards. The Bomb calorimeter is supplied with firing unit with electronics digital thermometer, pellet press, ignition wire & pressure gauge on stand with copper pipefitting.

Technical Specifications

– The Bomb Body- SS
– Calorimeter vessel
– High pressure Valve
– Electrodes
– Water Jacket
– Stirrer
– Firing unit
– Thermometer
– Pallet Press
– Ignition wire
– Pressure Gauge
– Copper pipe fitting