A micro-processor incorporates the functions of a central processing unit (CPU) on a single integrated circuit. The first microprocessors used a word size of only 4 bits, so that the transistors of its logic circuits would fit onto a single part.

Item Description

One or more microprocessors typically serve as the processing elements of a computer system, embedded system, or handheld device. From the humble beginning as the drivers for calculators, the continued increase in processing system from the largest mainframes to the smallest handheld computers now uses a microprocessor at its core. To learn the different features of microprocessor multiple kits are provided. These trainers are manufactured using Bare Board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCBs and the ICs are mounted on sockets. Exhaustive Manuals with ample of sample programs are provided with the system. Each trainer is supplied with built-in power supply.

Technical Specifications

– 8086/8088 CPU operating at 2.5/5MHz
– 8086 Processor can be replaced by 8088 Processor
– On-board sockets provided to facilitate the use of 8087 Co-processor and 8089 I/O Processor
– 16K bytes of RAM using two nos. of 6264 with Battery Backup expandable up to 256KB.
– 16K bytes of powerful monitor EPROM using two nos. of 27512
– 72 I/O lines through 3 nos. of 8255 brought at 26 Pins FRC Connector to interface with ICXX Series.
– 16 bit Timer/Counter through 8253 brought out at 20 Pins FRC Connector.
– RS-232C interface using 8251 brought out at 9 Pins D-Type Connector.
– On-board Interrupt controller using 8259 brought out at 20 Pins FRC Connector.
– 28 keys hexadecimal keyboard and eight seven segment display using 8279
– Two modes of operation:
– Keyboard Mode
– Serial Mode
– Powerful Commands like Examine/Edit Memory, Examine/Edit Register, Single stepping, Execution, Block Move can be used through hex keyboard or PC serial mode.
– Facility for Downloading/Uploading files from/to PC.
– All address, data & control lines are available on KXT Bus 50 pin FRC Connector to interface with SC-XX Series.
– All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
– Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used.
– In-Built Power Supply of +5V/2A, ±12V/250mA
– Attractive Wooden enclosures of Light weight Australian Pine Wood.
– User’s Manual with sample programs
– PRINTER INTERFACE to interface with DOT MATRIX Printer
– Provision for EPROM Programmer for 2732/2764/27256