Thermometers & Temperature Measurements Model TH 092

* Experimental introduction to temperature measurement: methods, areas of application, characteristics

* Clearly laid out unit primarily for laboratory experiments, also suitable for demonstration purposes

Item Description

Sci-tech Thermometers & Temperature Measurement Apparatus Model TH-092 experimental set-up covers the full range of temperature measurement methods. As well as non-electrical measuring methods, such as gas- and liquid-filled thermometers and bimetallic thermometers, all typical electric measuring methods are covered in the experiments. The electrically measured temperatures are displayed directly on programmable digital displays. A temperature-proportionate output voltage signal (0…10V) is accessible from lab jacks, enabling temperature characteristics to be recorded with, for example, a plotter. For measuring the relative air humidity a psychrometer with two thermometers is available, one of the thermometers measures the dry bulb. The wet bulb thermometer is covered in a wet cotton cloth and measures the evaporative cooling. The temperature difference allows the relative air humidity to be determined.

Technical Specifications

[1] experiments in the fundamentals of temperature measurement with 7 typical measuring devices

[2] various heat sources or storage units: laboratory heater, immersion heater, vacuum flask

[3] calibration units: precision resistors and digital multimeter

[4] mercury, bimetallic and gas pressure thermometers

[5] temperature sensors: Pt100, thermocouple type K, thermistor (NTC)

[6] various temperature measuring strips

[7] psychrometer for humidity measurement

[8] tool box for sensors, cables, measuring strips and immersion heater

Technical Specifications Immersion heater – power output: 300W – adjustment of power feed via power-regulated socket Laboratory heater with thermostat – power output: 450W – max. temperature: 425°C Vacuum flask: 1L Measuring ranges – resistance temperature detector Pt100: 0…100°C – thermocouple type K: 0…1000°C – thermistor (NTC): 20…55°C – mercury thermometer: -10…300°C – bimetallic, gas pressure thermometer: 0…200°C – temperature measuring strips: 29…290°C