Solar Trainer Kit Model ETR 064

‘Sci-tech’ Solar Energy Trainer Model ETR 064 is a rouged training system for the Electrical laboratories mounted on two numbers of Aluminum profile rack with sturdy table top flat panel.

Item Description

Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure with 4mm shrouded connectors showing circuit diagram & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connections. The product helps you to get fully acquainted with the basic concepts and functioning of an Solar Energy Trainer.

Technical Specifications

* Trainer having control panel should provided in 40X40mm Aluminum profile rack with sturdy table top flat panel rack frame to mounted with 50W PV modules.
* Should have 500W halogen lamps as variable intensity as a sun simulator.
* All input & output are terminated in 4mm shrouded connector, Should provide 4mm banana cable for experiments.
* Should have 1phase MCB, Dimmer
– 1 pole MCB of 220 V/4A .
– Variac from 0 to 200V output.
* Should have AC meter .

– 0-500V AC Voltmeter
– 0-5A AC Ammeter
* Should have DC meter .
– 0-20V DC Voltmeter
– 0-1A DC Ammeter
* Should have Charger Controller .
– Rated Voltage 12V, 6A.
– Maximum PV Voltage 15V & Min PV Voltage 10V
– Battery Lead acid type with 12V,7Ah current
* Should Solar Inverter Panel.
– 500VA inverter system
– Input DC voltage 10-14V DC.
– Output Voltage 230V AC.
* Should have Application Load.
– 230V 1 numbers of 10W LED bulb with socket as a Load.
– 230V AC Fan
– On/OFF toggle should be provided for each bulb & fan.
* Should supply with following Accessories.
– LUX Meter, 4mm Shrouded patch chord.