Rainfall Hydrographs Demonstrator Model FM 69

Sci-tech Rainfall Hydrographs Demonstrator Model FM 69 is designed to study rainfalls in laboratory.

Item Description

The unit consists of a tank filled with gravel. Water is supplied by overhead nozzles & water flow is controlled by a flow control valve. Transparent curtains are provided around the tank to avoid water spillage. To collect the runoff a measuring unit is located at one end of the tank. The measuring unit consists of motor driven traversing vessel with 17 storage compartments. An electronic console is controls the traversing vessel. Water collected in the vessel provides an immediate histogram of runoff as a function of time.

The trainer is supplied with following accessories –
 Polythene sheet for impermeable catchment
 Four plastic containers for reservoir storage
 Permeable pipe for tile drain

Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications


  • A Self- contained facility for study of flow through permeable media.
  • Tank
    – Length: 1.2m
    – Width: 0.6m
    – Height: 0.2m –
  • Flow meter range: 0.4-4.4 litres/min
  • Runoff Collector: 17 X 0.5 l compartments.
  • Overall dimensions
    – Length: 1.58m
    – Width: 0.9m
    – Height: 1.05m

Ordering Specifications
 A unit designed to obtain catchment rainfall and runoff values as functions of time.
 Comprising a bench- or floor-standing tank with two overhead square pattern spray nozzles
 supplying water via a flow control valve, flow meter and solenoid valve.
 A motor driven traversing vessel with seventeen compartments is moved by timer beneath the
 outlet at a preselected rate to collect the runoff and provide an immediate display of the
 hydrograph.
 The tank is 1.2m in length x 0.8m wide x 0.2m deep.
 The flow range is 0.4 to 4.4 litres/minute.
 A comprehensive user manual is included in the supply.

Experiment Capabilities
 Storm hydrographs from single or multiple storms
 Storm hydrograph from a previously saturated catchment
 Storm runoff from an impermeable catchment
 Effect of a moving storm on flood hydrograph
 Effect of reservoir storage on flood hydrograph
 Effect of land drains on flood hydrograph

Required Services

  • Hydraulic bench or cold water supply (4 liters/min required)
  • Drain
  • Electrical supply: 220-240V/1ph/50Hz
  • 1m3 washed, well graded gravel, range 2.0 – 5.0mm