Process Control Training Plant Model PCT 029

Sci-tech Process Control Training Plant Model PCT 029 offers the complete closed loop of a filling level control system. The concept and equipment permit the experimental examination of all important problems found in control technology. A transparent plastic cylinder is used as the filling level tank, into which a centrifugal pump moves water from a tank with sight glass. The filling level is recorded by a pressure transducer, which permits the further processing of the measured value by emitting a standardized current signal. The actuator in the circuit is a pneumatic control valve. The switch box contains an industrial controller, a chart recorder and all required electrical measuring equipment. The entire trainer is mounted on a movable frame with four castors.

Item Description


  • Basic concepts of the PID controller – Open-loop control circuit

– Closed-loop control circuit

– Critical amplification

  • Optimization of the control behaviour – Setting according to ZIEGLER-NICHOlS
  • Recording step responses
  • Set point and disturbance response
  • Open Tank and closed tank measurement
  • Instrument identification for cascade control
  • 2 type of tuning process
  • Optimised tuning for cascade

● Transmitter replacement

Technical Specifications


  1. Mobile trainer to investigate basic control-related

relationships within a filling level control system

  1. Digital Indicating Control
  2. Pneumatic differential pressure transmitter
  3. Pneumatic differential pressure transmitter for flow
  4. Paperless Recorder
  5. Control Valve

Technical data

The major components of this plant are :

  1. Top reservoir constructed of stainless steel

measuring 200mm x 700mm

  1. Annunciators and Overflow alarms
  2. Centrifugal pump for water circulation together with

contactor and overload protection

  1. Adjustable Rotameter
  2. Associated piping, hand valves, tubing
  3. Loop replacement with easy access
  4. Tank Pressurizing not more than 0.1bar
  1. Pressure Release Valve and Vent Valve
  2. P/E Square Root Extractor
  3. Appropriate discharge drainage

 Dimension and weight

L x W x H          : 1000x 700 x 1750 mm

Weight              : Approx.110kg


230V, ~50Hz

Compressed air: 3…8 bar