– Aesthetically designed injection molded electronic desk.
– Master unit carrying useful experiment resources like line Synchronized firing circuits, Power supplies, lamp load, RLC loads, Battery Charging supply etc. while the central slot will hold replaceable experiment panels.
– Each multi experiment panel is secured in an ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and has colorful screw less overlay showing circuit & Connection through Sturdy 4mm Banana Sockets & Patch Chords.
– Set of User Guide provided with each unit.
– Built-in Measuring instrumentation.

Item Description

– Modular designed. Standard and small in size light weight which make the installation / uninstallation easily.
– Open Structure. The flexibility of modular form factor enables user to add addition module from different experiments provided.
– Comprehensive Learning Platform, combination of theory and practical knowledge which make student to increase the understanding of the system thoroughly
– Comprehensive Courseware.
– Safety – built in circuit breaker to ensure total safety during hands on working.
– Reliability, Prevention on mis-operation with over current, over voltage and short circuit protection to avoid component damage and safety.
– Automatic recovery function.

Technical Specifications

Master unit consists of:

1. DC Power Supply (±15V/2A):

Short circuit and over Temperature Protection
Over Current Indicator LED
Over Temperature Indicator LED
Rated Output: ±15V/2A
Power Indicator LED
Power Supply 1-phase AC 220V, 50 Hz

2. DC Power Supply (0-40V/3A, 0-20V/6A):

Input Voltage: 220V AC
2 Output Voltage: 0 ~ 20V, 0 ~ 40V
Rated current 0-20V/6A, 0-40V/3A

3. Reference Variable Generator:

Internal Reference Voltage Output (VREF): +10V
External Reference Voltage Input (VREF): -10V ~ +10V
a. 0 ~ +VREF
b. –VREF ~ 0 ~ +VREF
Adjustment Scale: Linear 0 ~ 100%
Working Voltage: ±15V

4. R.M.S. Meter:

Measuring range:
a. Current : 0.1/0.3/1/3/10/30A
b. Voltage : 3/10/30/100/300/1000V
3 measuring type :
a. RMS AC+DC : Total RMS value
b. RMS AC : Ripple RMS value
c. AV AC+DC : Arithmetic mean value
Over load protection
+ -value indicator: LED
Accuracy: 2% Full scale
Operation power supply: 1 phase, AC 220V, 50Hz

5. Power Meter (0.3W – 30KW):

Active power and reactive power can be selected
Measuring range: 0.3W (Var) ~ 30KW(KVar)
a. Current : 0.1/0.3/1/3/10/30/Arms
b. Voltage: 3/10/30/100/300/1000Vr.m.s.

Frequency range: 0 ~ 20KHz
Over load protection
Over current & over voltage LED indicator
Reactive power + – value indicator (QL &QC)
Accuracy: 2% full scale
Output terminal: Measuring full scale 100%=1V
Operation power supply: 1 phase, AC 220V 50 Hz