Plumbing Training Kit Model PT 008

Sci-tech Plumbing training Kit Model PT 008 enables study and understanding of various parts used in plumbing trade.

Item Description

The parts are rigidly mounted on a wooden board that can be demounted using proper tools only. The trainer provides several methods of connection so additional products from different manufacturers can be used. Some connectors are flexible and will adapt to different sized fittings.

Technical Specifications

[1] Investigating the most common plumbing fittings

[2] Facilities for water supply using different couplings

[3] Possibility to test different fittings simultaneously

[4] Flushing valve

[5] Two handle mixer for a shower

[6] Two handle mixer as water tap

[7] 2 adjustable pressure reducing valves

Supplied parts List Mounted on a wooden board

Pipes: Galvanized/Copper/Stainless steel/Plastic

Flexible Pipes: Steel & PVC

Fittings: Elbows; T joints; Reducers; Union joints; flanges; valves; nipples; Clamps……supplied in different metals & plastic.

Valves: Three different types; Flush valve; Two way valves

Mixers: Single; Pillar; Two way

Service Required

Cold water connection: 1,5bar