PLC Controlled Pneumatic Trainer Model PCT 039

Sci-tech PLC Controlled Pneumatic Trainer Model PCT 039 is designed to provide student with full training on study of PLC control in pneumatic applications.
The trainers enables theory and practical experiments to be carried out for study course of PLC based operations in pneumatic controls.
The trainer consists of aluminium profile based stand that is mounted on a work table with wheels.
Control panel is pneumatic controlling panel, equipped with control way of PLC connection interface and relay, its electrical system is independent control mode, with no interference with each other and uses safety low voltage of 24V DC.

Item Description

Pneumatic experiment bench is equipped with system displacement sensor control devices. The experiment bench uses industrial grade components that are actually used in the field.
All pneumatic components are designed to work under 0.8MPa pressure to avoid air leakage.
The panel uses ‘T’ type slots aluminium profile for ease of mounting and dis-mounting of pneumatic components.
1. Pneumatic control system constitute demonstration experiments.
2. Pneumatic component control and principles experiments.
3. Various kinds of pneumatic loop control experiments.

Technical Specifications

Product structure:
– Stand-alone portable cabinet structure with experiment table, control panel in the front and lower board to mount motors, relay-contactors, etc.
– Overall dimensions: 1200mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 1530mm (H).
Technical Requirements:
– Input power: 3 Phase, 4 wire 380V±10%, 50Hz
– Rated power: 1500W
– Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +40°C
– Humidity: <85% @ 25°C
– Altitude: < 4000m