PC Hardware Trainer Model ETR 031

PC trainer mounted in all open fashion with open drawer for keyboard & mouse & LCD Monitor firmly supported on compact Aluminum profile flat demo Rack. For protection of PC motherboard transparent acrylic cover provided.

Item Description

– Non-destructive Faults have been implemented through slider & Toggle switches mounted on 5 Panels to teach section wise faults & their troubleshooting.
– PC trainer may be used as regular lab PC. Trainer uses latest high speed processors & not outdated slow Pentiums.
– Set of Users Guide & PC H/W theory book provided with each unit.

Technical Specifications

Enclosure/accessories:  Aluminum profile rack system with telescopic sliding drawer for keyboard, mouse and speakers.
Number of panels & their Function (No of fault switches):
PC1=Fault panel for Serial, Parallel, PS2, USB.(31 = 31 slide switches)
PC2= SMPS Panel.
PC3=Fault panel for SMPS & VGA.(14= 10 slide + 4 toggle)
PC4= Fault panel for CMOS & front panel.(1 = 1 slide)
PC5= Fault Panel for Drives. (HDD, CD / DVD) (8 = 8 DIP)
Number of faults: 54
Fault list: PC1: 1) Serial: CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, TXD, RXD.
2) Parallel: D0-D7, /Error, Strobe, Auto fed, initialize, Select, Busy,
/ACK, select in,
3) PS2 keyboard: Vcc, CLK, Data.
4) PS2 Mouse: Vcc, CLK, Data.
5) USB: Vcc, D+, D-.
PC3:1) SMPS: VRM, +12V, +5V, +3.3V, Standby, Power good, P.S.ON, -12V
2) VGA: H-sync, V-sync, Red missing, Blue missing, Green missing,
R+G missing, G+B missing, R+B missing, blurred image.
PC4: CMOS error
System Specifications: Subject to evolve / change as newer & high speed PC models appear in market
CPU:- Intel Dual core (2.7 GHz), Mother Board:- Intel Chipset, Memory
RAM 1GB, Hard disk:- Serial ATA (SATA) 250GB, Monitor:- LCD 15”
Color Keyboard:- PS2 keyboard, Mouse:-PS2 Optional Mouse, SMPS:- 450
Watts, CD/DVD R/W drive: Serial ATA (SATA) interface, sound card:-
Built in MB, Speaker: Stereo Speakers.
Mechanical Size: 960 (L) X 300 (W) X 720 (H)mm, Weight=25Kg.