Motor Speeds Control Trainer MODEL ELTR 023

– Easy and safe wiring by students due to 4mm sturdy shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrangement for high voltage circuits.
– Facilitates easy learning about operative characteristics of ubiquitous squirrel cage induction motor.

Item Description

– Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screw less overlays showing circuit diagram & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connections.
– Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.

Technical Specifications

A] Aluminum profile flat demo panel system (table top), carrying various high voltage components housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimize shock possibility.
– 1ø Motor, Alternator & Sync. Motor Panel (EMT 16A)
– 1ø MCBs of 4A/1.6A – 2nos, bulb load.
– Instrumentation Power supply cum Multichannel DPM panel (EMT 8)

(a) +/-12 V, 500 mA
(b) +5V, 300mA
(c) Unregulated 17V dc/750 mA
(d) Line synchronizing signal.
(e) 13V / 3 Amp.
(f) Multi channel DPM for digital display of torque, speed etc

* SCR Actuator (variable DC) cum sensor signal conditioning panel (EMT9)
– Half bridge SCR based 0V-195V / 5 Amp cosine firing with linear charateristics.
– Supports signal conditioning circuit for speed, torque in kg wt to output 0-2.5Vdc (FS).
* Integrated AC (1 phase) measurement panel (EMT20F)
– 1 nos of Digital meter for 1. Parameters V, I, PF, W, VA, VAR, Hz, etc.
– Current specs = 1A/5A for 1 meter (170-250V).
* AC voltmeter panel (EMT2)
– Voltage range: 300V. 1 pole 4 way switch to select line voltage for three phase
– 1 Pole 4 way switch to select line voltage for three phases.
* Dual range AC ammeter panel (EMT3)
– Current range: 2A/6A selectable.
– 1 pole 7 way switch to select phase current for three phase
* IGBT Controlled AC Drive panel (EMT33)
1) Input voltage: 230VAC. 50Hz
2) Output voltage: 3 phase 200 to 230VAC
3) Range (Frequency Control): 0.1 Hz to 100 (400)Hz
4) 4) Control Model: Sine Wave PWM
5) Capacity: 1/2 HP (2 HP optional)
6) With Reverse and Forward Direction
7) Mechanical: single width for ½ HP & double length for 2HP