Machine Tools Control Circuit Technology Trainer Model ELTR 021

Sci-tech Machine Tools Control Circuit Technology Trainer Model ELTR 021 is designed to provide student with full training on study and fault finding in machine tool control circuits.
The trainers enables theory and practical experiments to be carried out for study course of maintenance electricians in circuits used for control of ‘Lathe machines’, ‘Universal milling machines’, ‘Radial drilling machine’ and ‘Boring machine’.

Item Description

The trainer consists of double sided stand-alone cabinet with two control circuits mounted on each side, two on front side with a lockable door and two on the rear side with a lockable door. All circuits are provided with mains input power separately, to be independently used. The mains input provided is protected against leakage and short circuit protection. Separate ‘emergency switch’ ensure student safety.

The front side houses standard universal milling machine control circuit and standard horizontal boring machine control circuit.

The rear door opens to standard radial drilling machine control circuit and standard lathe control circuit.

Technical Specifications

Product structure:
– Steel both sides doors cabinet suitable to mount two control circuits on each side. Both sides with lockable doors. Mains power with leakage & short circuit protection and Emergency switch for student safety.
– The trainer based on CAN bus intelligent evaluation system to evaluate the trainuing. Each machine is equipped with 10 or more reference fault points for teachers to select and refer to.
– The stand-alone trainer can be mounted on a standard work table for convenience.
– Overall dimensions: 900mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 1850mm (H).

Technical Requirements:
– Input power: 3 Phase, 4 wire 380V±10%, 50Hz
– Rated current: <15A

– Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +40°C
– Humidity: <85% @ 25°C
– Altitude: < 4000m