Level Process Control System Trainer Model PCT 021

Sci-tech Level control system Model PCT 021 is designed to demonstrate various aspects of control engineering using a level system to control the flow of water delivered by a pump to the level tank. The system incorporates the standard industrial components.

Item Description

– Compact and sturdy construction
– Easy and versatile operation
– Self contained system
– Incorporates standard industrial components
– Comprehensive instrumentation

1. Manual two step control
2. Study of P, PI, PD, PID Control, depending on type of controller ordered.
3. Study of sensors
4. Study of control valves
5. Study of feedback control system
NOTE: If Pneumatic PI controller is ordered supplied in place of electronic PID controller, only PI action can be viewed

Technical Specifications

1 Sump tank
2 Level tank
3 Piping, fittings and valves
4 Pump for water

5 Level transmitter
6 Control valve: Pneumatic type
7 PID Controller (See model selection below)
8 E/P converter
9 Air filter regulator