Inverted Pendulum Apparatus Model MT 115

The unstable “inverted pendulum” system acts as a mechanical single-variable system. The upright position of the pendulum is adjusted by two independent propeller drives and should be achieved quickly and if possible without overshooting. A fuzzy control will be developed and optimized for this purpose.

Item Description

– non-linear, one-dimensional single-variable system with two actuators
– inverted pendulum with one input and two outputs
– fast, real-time control using microcontroller
– implementing fuzzy algorithms
– microcontroller-based development process for process control systems

Technical Specifications

– Non geared rotary platform/plant that constructed with servo motor as the main driver, and an encoder and link arm attached to the pendulum.
– Platform size 150 mm x 150 mm x 180 mm (L x W x H).
– Minimum speed of the drive motor is 5777 rpm.
– Minimum encoder resolution is 487 pulse/rev.
– Inverted pendulum as mechanical single-variable system, Single Input – Multiple Outputs
– 2 Independent motors for propeller drive as actuators
– DSP target controller consists of motor driver, ADC, serial communication interfaces, serial peripheral interfaces, digital I/O and PWM channels. It links the data from hardware to the programming software as well as creating the relevant library and codes for the software.
– System compatible and works on Labview software.
– Rotary potentiometer as pendulum inclination sensor

Technical Specifications
– Inverted pendulum
– length: 160mm
– counterweight: 0.60 kg
– 2 drive motors
– 3,2V / 8A
– Microcontroller
– 8bit microcontroller