Gas Calorimeter (Junker’s Type) Model TH 099

– Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design.
– Entire assembly made of corrosion resistant metals.
– User-friendly operation.

Item Description

Sci-tech Junker’s Type Gas Calorimeter Model TH 099 consists of chiefly the calorimeter with burner on a tripod stand, gas flow meter (non recording type) and pressure governor. The Calorimeter mainly consists of gas combustion chamber, heat exchanger and water flow system. Heat exchanger is fabricated out of heavily tinned copper sheet. Two thermometers are provided in the water inlet and outlet ports.
The exhaust gas outlet is fitted with a thermometer to measure the temperature of exhaust gases. The water vapors from the burnt gas are condensed and collected from bottom of the calorimeter.
The calorimeter is provided with Pressure Governor which maintains gas supply at constant pressure & Gas flow meter to measure Gas flow rate.

Technical Specifications

– Calorimeter Assembly
– Pressure Governor (Regulator)
– Gas flow meter
– Set of thermometers
– Measuring Jar for water flow measurement
– Temperature sensor & Digital indicator for water temperature measurement (Optional).