Free & Forced Vibration Apparatus Model MT 049

* Demonstration of fundamental aspects of mechanical vibration1
* Damping and resonance with forced vibrations1
* Two different principles of exciting vibration

Item Description

Sci-tech Free & Forced Vibration Apparatus Model MT 049 is an experimental unit based on the theory that vibrations are rapidly and securely assembled on a double profile frame made of aluminum using slot nuts and clamping levers. The oscillator consists of a beam mounted in ball bearings at one end; a helical spring is hung on the other end of the beam. The attachment of springs, the exciter and a damper to a perforated panel permits a wide range of different set-ups to be reproduced. Either an unbalance exciter or a displacement exciter generate vibrations; the frequency of the vibrations can be adjusted using the electronic control unit. The displacement exciter can be fitted directly to the base of the spring. The vibrations can be damped using the adjustable viscosity damper. To record vibration processes over time, a mechanical drum plotter is included. The experiment also includes an amplitude contact with a TTL output, e.g. for triggering stroboscopes

Technical Specifications

[1] basics of mechanical vibration, natural damped and forced vibrations
[2] bar-type oscillator
[3] three helical springs
[4] unbalance exciter with DC motor, 0,77kg
[5] displacement exciter with DC motor
[6] electronic control unit with digital display, exciter frequency adjustable
[7] oil-filled damper
[8] electrically driven drum recorder
[9] amplitude meter with electric contact for triggering equipment

Technical Specifications
Bar-type oscillator: LxWxH: 700x25x12mm, 1,6kg
Helical springs
– 0,75N/mm
– 1,5N/mm
– 3,0N/mm
Exciter frequency: 0…50Hz, electronically controlled
Unbalance of the unbalance exciter: 0…1000mmg
Stroke of the displacement exciter: 20mm

Damper constant: 5…15Ns/m, oil-filled
Mechanical chart recorder
– feed: 20mm/s
– paper width: 100mm