Forces in Various Single Plane Trusses Model MT 045

* Measurement of the bar forces in a single plane truss1
* Construction of various truss forms1
* Bars with strain gauge full bridges to measure bar force1
* Optional Computerized evaluation of experiments

Item Description

The object of the experiment is to measure the bar forces in a single plane truss subjected to a single external force.
Sci-tech Forces in Various Single Plane Trusses Model MT 045 experimental set-up features bars with special snap-lock closures on their ends allowing them to be fixed easily into the node disc. The range of different bar lengths provided permits three forms of truss to be constructed.

Technical Specifications

[1] investigation of bar forces in a statically determinate truss
[2] construction of various trusses possible
[3] 2 supports with node discs
[4] load application device with force gauge mountable on different node discs
[5] strain gauge to measure force on each bar
[6] optional measuring amplifier
[7] optional software to evaluate measurement data
[8] storage system to house the components
[9] experimental set-up in frame

Technical Specifications
Bars: 19
– 2 bars 150mm
– 5 bars 259mm
– 7 bars 300mm
– 1 bar 397mm
– 3 bars 424mm
– 1 bar 520mm
– angle between bars: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°
– maximum bar force: 500N
– strain gauge on each bar
– height of truss max. 450mm
– length of truss max. 900mm
Load application device

– 500…+500N
– graduations: 10N