– Facilitates easy and safe wiring by students due to use of 4mm sturdy Shrouded banana patch cords and shrouded socket arrangements.
– All machines are mounted on finely painted sturdy base frame with easy machine inter-changeability. Use of gear coupling facilitates screw-less coupling.
– With due emphasis on student safety machines operate up to 300W power levels and up to 1500 RPM, without compromising on didactic use. It is possible to draw all graphs.

Item Description

– Trunnion mounted DC integrated machine is used as Dynamometer for loading other machines with facility to measure shaft power using electronic torque / speed measurement
– Order one Dynamometer type DC m/c per aluminum Rack with 17 (14+3) panels each (such 6sets) & one each of
other m/c to complete the 6 sets.
– Refer to Modules required for specific experiments.

– Computer interface panel & ‘Machines SciCal’ software optionally provided to suit specific requirements of machines set up.

Technical Specifications

A) Aluminum profile sturdy flat panel (table top) system, carrying various high voltage components
housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimize shock possibility.
– Input 3 phase DOL Starter panel (EMT1) [10 Shrouded Banana]
– 4 pole MCB of 415 V/2A .
– DOL 9A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL .
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A – 2.3A .
B) Integrated AC (3/1 phase) measurement panel EMT34 Bidirectional optionally with PC interface & multifunction power meter EMT20F [1 phase] [14 Shrouded Banana]  Consist of 2 nos of (96X96mm) Digital meters one each for 3 & 1. Measures V, I, PF (0.2 lag – unity 0.2 lead), Hz. Hence separate analog wattmeters (3, 1) are not needed.
– Current specs for 3 meter = 1.5A (Balanced load) and 1A/5A for 1 meter (170-250V).
C) FWD/REV, Star-Delta starter panel (EMT 4) [12 Shrouded Banana]
– FWD/REV, 3 pole 3 way switch with centre OFF, 6A/440V.
– Star/Delta switch 3 pole, 3 way with centre OFF, 6A/440V.
D) 3 Phase wound Rotor & Sync. Motor panel (EMT 5A/5B) [8 Shrouded Banana]
– Rotor resistors of 30E/5A with 3 taps of 0E, 15E, 21E, 30E each ——–3 nos
– Rotor resistor selector switch, 3 pole.6 Way .6A/440 V.
– DC Rotor excitation over current relay (3Amp)
E) 1 Motor, Alternator & Sync. Motor Panel (EMT 16) [14 Shrouded Banana]
– 1 MCBs of 4A/1.6A 1 each.
– 2no 2P2W selector switches to run as 1 alternator then as synchronous motor.
– 8A pushbutton switch to simulate as centrifugal switch.
F) DC voltmeter and DC ammeter panel (EMT 6A/6B) [14 Shrouded Banana]
a) DC voltmeter (0-300V)
b) DC Ammeter (0-5A) with polarity protection diode
c) Field failure relay to control Armature supply. Both 6A/6B needed simultaneously.
G) SCR Actuator (variable DC) cum sensor signal conditioning panel (EMT9) [4 Shrouded Banana]
– Full bridge SCR based 0V-195V / 5 Amp cosine firing with linear charateristics.
– Supports signal conditioning circuit for speed, torque in kg wt to output 0-2.5Vdc (FS).
– 3 Nos. of these supplies required for DC Armature, DC motor field and AC generator field.
H) Instrumentation Power supply cum Multichannel DPM panel (EMT 8) [10 Shrouded Banana]
(a) +/-12 V, 500 mA (b) +5V, 300mA (c) Unregulated 17V dc/750 mA
(d) line synchronizing signal. (e) 13V / 3 Amp. (f) Multi channel DPM for digital display of torque, speed etc
J) Resistor Load (EMT14A/14B) (1) AC Resistors = 10K/5K/3.5K/2.5K/2K/1.5K/200WX3 phases/ 6 taps
(2) DC Resistors = 750E/600E/300E/212E/162E/125E/112E/100E/400W / 6 taps+OFF+ separate 60E tap for DC series Gen.
K) LC Load (EMT 15A/15B) panel
(A) Inductive load = 0.15H/0.3H/0.45H/0.6H/0.75H/1.5H/3H/400mAX3Nos.
(B) Capacitive load =1.25μ/2.5μ/5μ/415VX 3Nos.
L) Variable RLC Load Panel EMT 15C: Three separate load sectors (R, L, C) continuously adjusted;
balancing/unbalancing the load: Resistive power: 0-3 kW; Inductive power: 0-3 kvar (single-phase/three- phase); Capacitive power: 0-3 kvar (single-phase/three-phase)
M) Power Analyzer, Panel Mount EMT 90: The micro-processor based instrument Displays, Stores, and Communicates up to 63 major electrical parameters including true RMS Voltage, Current, PF, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Active Energy, Reactive Energy, , Apparent Energy, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Maximum Demand. The instrument offers simple user friendly programming of Voltage, Current and Power measurement parameters using a menu driven interface. Status of all parameters can be viewed on LED Displays. The instrument offers the option of digital RS485 communication
N) Panel EMT 91: Brake-pulley loading: with brake-pulley loading only for motors
4×2 Flat Demo Panel With 3 Phase AC Integrated machine of 300W Chassis mounted with break pulley loading arrangement with hand held tachometer.
(Optional Eddy Current Brake Panel Model EMT 92 can be provided: Braking power at 1500 r.p.m: 1000 W
• Supply voltage: 0-220 Vdc; Braking torque: 8 – 0 -8 Nm; Bidirectional operation; Mechanical device of torque measurement; Cooling by fan; Protection: IP 22; Thermal protection; Can be connected with digital torque meter.)
O) TACHOGENERATOR Model EMT 93: Output voltage: 0,06 V per revolution; R.p.m.: 5000 max; Output voltage 1,300 Vdc at 5000 r.p.m; Output voltage 2, 10 Vdc at 5000 r.p.m; Protection: IP 44
P) D.C. MOTOR DRIVE Model EMT 95: Suitable for DC motors with: power: 1.5 kW (max.); – armature voltage: 220 V DC; excitation voltage: 220 V DC
Q) THREE-PHASE MOTOR DRIVE Model EMT 96: Suitable for three-phase asynchronous motors with: – power: 1.5 kW (max.); – rated voltage: 3 x 230 V; – output frequency: 0 to 60 Hz

Mechanical Dimension(mm) : = 1170(L) X 300 (W) X 990 (H)
Net Weight : 56 kg