Determination of Elastic Line Model MT 034

Beams are key structural elements in mechanical engineering and in construction which are subject to deformation under load. In the case of a simple beam this deformation can be predicted by various methods, such as the principle of virtual work.
The beam under investigation in Sci-tech Determination of Elastic Line Model MT 034 can be supported by different bearing methods.

Item Description

* Comparison of different methods to determine the elastic line: Virtual work, Mohr’s Analogy1
* Statically determinate and indeterminate systems1
* Various load cases: Point load or bending moment

Technical Specifications

[1] comparison of different methods to determine the elastic line
[2] statically determinate or indeterminate beam
[3] 2 supports with clamp fixing, optionally as articulated support with measurement of angle of
inclination or clamp fixing
[4] articulated support with force measurement dial gauge
[5] device to generate a bending moment
[6] dial gauge with generation of moment to measure the angle of inclination
[7] dial gauge to record the deformations of the beam
[8] weights to subject the beam to point loads or moment
[9] weights to determine the clamping moments on the supports with clamp fixings
[10] storage system to house the components

Technical Specifications
– length: 1000mm
– cross-section: 20x4mm
– material: steel
Measuring ranges
– force: -50…+50N, graduations: 1N
– travel: 0…0,20mm, graduations: 0,01mm
– 7x 1N (hanger)
– 28x 1N
– 21x 5N