Depression Measurement using Vacuum Pressure Gauge Model FM 37

Sci-tech Depression Measurement Vacuum Pressure Gauge.

Item Description

Sci-tech Depression Measurement Vacuum Pressure Gauge FM 37 is an anodized aluminum structure that supports a vacuum gauge whose reading gives us the measurement. Two quick connections at both sides of the vacuum gauge allow connecting reinforced flexible pipes. The water supply may be provided either from the Hydraulics Bench FM100.

Technical Specifications

 Anodized aluminum structure.
 Pressure-vacuum gauge adjusted from -1 to 0 bar.
 Quick connections.

List of Experiments:
1.- To measure the depression caused for the fluid aspiration by an hydraulic pump.
2.- We can observe the different negative readings due to the different methods of fluid aspiration for its subsequent impulsion.

Services Required:
 Hydraulics Bench FM100
 Flexible pipes