Crystallization Unit Model TH-046

– Designed to demonstrate process of crystallization of salts.
– Comprehensive Instrumentation Panel with all necessary measuring instruments & Safety Devices

Item Description

Scitech Cooling Crystallization Unit Model TH-046 is designed to demonstrate process of crystallization of dissolved substances from solutions to be transformed into a solid and separated. A pump delivers a saturated potassium sulphate solution in a circuit with a tank. To prevent premature Crystallization, the solution is heated above saturation temperature using a heating circuit. Both circuits are connected by two heat exchangers. A small amount of this under saturated solution is fed through the crystallization cell as a bypass. To crystallize this part of solution, it is cooled by cooling water using two heat exchangers. Reducing the temperature converts the solution into an oversaturated, metastable state
Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

Technical Specifications

* Tanks
– Stirred tank : approx. 25L
– For undersaturated solution: approx 25L
– Heating circuit: approx 32L
* Pump (solution)
– Max. flow rate: approx 21lmin
– Max. head : approx. 38m
* Pump (heating circuit)
– Max. flow rate : approx. 6L/min
– Max. head: approx. 9m
* Crystallization cell
– Diameter : approx 40mm
– Height: approx 80mm
* Heater power output: approx 2kW
* Measuring ranges
– Temperature : 3 x 0 … 100◦C. 1x 0 .. 80◦C
– Flow rate 1 x 0 .. 12L/min

Services Required
– Electric Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase, Earthed.
– Cooling Water: Cold water supply & Drain.