Bending Stress in a Beam Apparatus Model MT 096

Sci-tech Bending Stress in a Beam Apparatus Model MT 096 allows adjustment of a load cell that bends the beam and, when connected to the optional Digital Force Display, it measures the bending force (load). Strain gauges and a digital strain bridge measure the strains in the beam. Dummy strain gauges compensate for temperature variation and balance the strain bridges.

Item Description

• High-quality structures teaching module for students of mechanical, civil and structural engineering
• Allows safe and practical experiments into bending stress in a beam
• Realistic and verifiable experiment results
• Optional Sci-tech’s SCI-CALS Structures Software package for extra ‘virtual’ experiments that simulate and confirm the results from your hardware and allow extended experiments
• Optional DAQ Structures Software package for automatic data acquisition and virtual experiments
• Ideal for classroom demonstrations, or students working in pairs or small groups

Technical Specifications

Adjustable 0 to 500 N load cell with electronic force sensor
Test beam:
Aluminum T-section
Strain measurement:
Nine strain gauges (with nine dummy gauges) and a 16- way digital strain bridge
Digital Force Display