Whirtworth Quick Return Apparatus Model MT 020

Sci-tech Whitworth Quick Return Apparatus MT 020 is used to generate uneven reciprocating motion with
slow feed and quick return. This table model clearly demonstrates the transmission behavior of such a layout.
The input angle is set by turning the crank. The output stroke is read on a ruler on the slider. The transmission
components are manufactured in aluminum. All axles are equipped with ball bearings. Due to its low weight, the unit is easy to carry using the two handles.

Item Description

[1] Bench top experiment on the uneven reciprocating motion of Whitworth’s quick return
[2] Crank radius 46mm, slider radius 55mm, connecting rod length 145mm
[3] Slider crank and connecting rod mounted on ball bearings
[4] lxwxh 360x280x60mm

Technical Specifications

Drive crank radius: 46mm
Slider radius: 55mm
Axle offset drive slider: 30mm
Connecting rod length: 145mm