Virtual Work Principle Apparatus Model MT 103

Sci-tech Virtual Work Principle Apparatus Model MT 103 is used for applying the principle of virtual work to the derivation of redundant reactions. It is to be used with Universal Structural Frame.

Item Description

An elastic beam is supported at both ends by moment supports. Both supports permit the application and measurement of moments and rotations. A third support, vertical force support, is used for the case of two span continuous beam. A clamp on moment application device with a mean to counter balance the device weight is provided to apply a pure moment and measure rotation. The beam is loaded by weights. The deflection and slope of the beam can be measured by dial indicators.

Technical Specifications

– Supports: 2 each Moment Support

1 each Vertical Force Support.
– Moment application device: 0-3 Nm.
– Pulley set for upward loading: 1 each.
– Load hangers: 4 each.
– Weights: 1 lot.
– Dial Indicators: 4 each