Vertical Thermosyphon Re-Boiler Cutaway Model THC 004

Of all re-boiler types, vertical thermo syphon re-boilers are most widely used in chemical industry. They are characterized by high heat transfer rate and low fouling tendencies.

Item Description

– Made in fully transparent acrylic allowing study of internal/external construction
– Working model through which liquids/gasses can be passed
– Durable and easily cleanable model
– Offered in durable 1” foam coated wooden case

Technical Specifications

When designed and operated properly, the liquids have short residence times in this re-boiler type what minimizes the risk of thermal degradation. This re-boiler type is very reliable, has far lower operating costs than other re-boilers, is easy to set up and has compact dimensions. Thermo-syphon re-boilers can be used in a wide range of operating pressures and temperatures. Therefore, they are used for about 70 % of all evaporation duties in chemical industry.