Unsymmetrical Cantilever apparatus Model 064

Sci-tech Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus MT 064 allows students to load a cantilever and accurately measure its deflection in any coplanar direction.

• Ideal for student use and classroom demonstrations
• Bench-mounting apparatus
• Self-contained – needs no other parts
• Explains ‘shear centre’ and the use and construction of Mohr’s circle
• Supplied with structural and stress analysis textbook with full theory
• Supplied with set of different specimens


Item Description

Students mount a test beam vertically in a frame. The top of the test beam fixes to a holding ring that can rotate through 360 degrees.

Students apply a horizontal load in set increments (weights included) to the bottom (free end) of the test beam. Digital indicators measure the test beam deflections in two directions, at right-angles to each other. Each indicator has a socket and additional cable for connection to Data Acquisition System.

Students apply loads to the beam in set increments and record its displacement. Students can then rotate the beam to another position and repeat the experiment. This allows students to use the Mohr’s circle method to find the principal second moments of area of each section.

To find the shear centre of a test beam, students attach a cross-piece to the free end. The crosspiece allows students to apply loads at different positions across and outside the section of the cantilever.

The equipment includes a user guide which describes how to assemble and use the equipment, with practical theory, experiment procedures and typical results.

Technical Specifications

Digital indicators: Two, each with a digital display U-shape cross-section
L-shape cross-section
Solid Rectangular cross-section
Test weights:
5 weight hangers
150 weights, each of 10 g

Required Services
Bench space needed:
1 m x 0.6 m