Unit Weight Measures SCTC-0603, SCTA-0705E, SCTC-0607E, SCTC-0610E, SCTC-0615E, SCTA-0720E & SCTC-0630E

SCTC-0603 : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 3 lt. Capacity, EN

SCTA-0705E : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 5 lt. Capacity, EN

SCTC-0607E : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 7 lt. Capacity, EN

SCTC-0610E : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 10 lt. Capacity, EN

SCTC-0615E : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 15 lt. Capacity, EN

SCTA-0720E : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 20 lt. Capacity, EN

SCTC-0630E : Density (Unit Weight) Measure 30 lt. Capacity, EN

Item Description


EN 12350-6; ASTM C29, C138

Density (Unit Weight) Measures are used to determine the weight per cubic meter of freshly mixed and compacted concrete.

Manufactured from heavy gauge steel complying with the related standard. Available in 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 liter capacity models according to the requirements of different standards. Coated against corrosion.

Technical Specifications

Product Code Dimensions Weight (approx.)
SCTC-0603E 150x200x200 mm 4.5 kg
SCTA-0705E 160x160x250 mm 5 kg
SCTC-0607E 250x180x250 mm 6.5 kg
SCTC-0610E 250x200x300 mm 8.5 kg
SCTC-0615E 250x300x320 mm 13 kg
SCTA-0720E 260x260x365 mm 12 kg
SCTC-0630E 300x360x420 mm 16 kg