Transmitted Light Polariscope Model MT 104

Sci-tech Transmitted Light Polariscope Model MT 104 is a bench top mounted frame which allows the study of stress patterns and photoelasticity resulting from geometrical changes in loaded mechanical models.

Item Description

Photoelastic analysis is achieved by passing light through the mechanical stress models while a tensile load is applied. The frame has the Transmitted Light Polariscope filter and quarter wave plate mounted to rotational frames. These frames allow the rotational angle of the plates and filters to be adjusted and hence vary the colourisation seen by the user. The frame can sits in front of a light box which supplies monochromatic or white light. Rubber mounting feet enable it to sit firmly onto the light source. ransmitted Light Polariscope can be vertically or horizontally mounted onto the light box.

Technical Specifications

1. To be bench top unit for teaching of photoelastic principles
2. To be used with white light or monochromatic light source
3. To be supplied with quarter wave plates and polarisation filters, and light box
4. Wave plates and filters to be easily mounted
5. A variety of mechanical specimens supplied
6. Adjustable loading mechanism
7. To have fine tuning loading mechanism using loading spring, dial gauge and screwjack
8. Wave plates and filters can be rotated through varying angles to vary colourisation