Torsion and Deflection Testing Apparatus Model MT 062

Sci-tech Torsion and Deflection Testing apparatus Model MT 062 allows a variety of experiments to be undertaken to investigate test specimens under torsional loading and bending loading within their elastic limits.

Item Description

The students cover topics involving bending moment equation, torsional rigidity, modulus of rigidity, angle of twist, and create graphs and compare actual measured values with theoretical values using formulae and theory provided.

An extruded base frame carries two solid vertical supports. Profiled grooves within the base frame, fasteners and quick release handles ensure quick and easy adjustment of the span between the vertical supports.

To measure the bending specimen deflection a dial gauge is fixed onto a movable stand and can be positioned anywhere within the beam span.

A set of torsion and bending specimens are supplied. A load hanger and set of calibrated weights create specimen loading.

A comprehensive instruction manual is included covering the apparatus, experimental procedure and example results. All necessary tools and accessories are supplied.

Technical Specifications

– Apparatus to test elastic deformation under bending and torsion
– Compact, bench top, self contained unit
– Specimens to be tested under bending and torsion
– To have ability to change the end clamping arrangement for bending specimens

– Chucks to secure torsion specimens and to apply torsion via pulley and hanger
– Bending specimens to be supplied in a variety of cross section and materials
– Torsion test specimens to be supplied in a variety of material
– Apparatus to have adjustable beam span and torsion span
– Deflections to be measured using dial gauge on movable stand
– Torsion to be measured using movable protractor and pointer
– Comprehensive technical manual for student and lecturer provided
– To be provided with a set of calibrated weights, load hangers and all necessary accessories