Thermodynamics: Gas Turbine Power Plant Trainer Model GTH 018

Gas Turbine Power Plants find applications in several areas including aeronautical, marine and power generation. In view of its applications in power generation and propulsion, understanding of the thermodynamics, operation, working and the performance of the gas turbine power plant is important for the Mechanical, Aerospace, Marine and Propulsion Engineering students of educational institutions.

Item Description

The Sci-tech Gas Turbine Power Plant Trainer Model GTH 018 is compact bench top educational equipment mounted on a mobile metal frame with castor wheel, designed and developed to demonstrate to students the various aspects including the thermodynamics, operation, control and performance of gas turbine power plants. The set-up incorporates necessary instrumentation to carryout fluid flow, energy transfer, combustion and gas turbine analysis. It is an open system and consists of an air intake, centrifugal compressor, combustion chamber, single stage axial flow turbine and a nozzle. Sensors are provided to measure pressures and temperatures at all critical locations to enable analysis of each component and the overall system.
There is a provision to measure propulsion jet thrust using a load cell. Provision is made to reduce noise level using a sound suppressor system. An auto-start system is provided to facilitate operation and control. The operation, control, data acquisition and data analysis are through a computer based system. All components are manufactured according to established industrial practices and using corrosion resistant materials. Sci-tech Gas Turbine Power Plant Trainer is important equipment for any Propulsion and Power Plant Laboratories of educational institutions.

Technical Specifications

1. Design thrust: 250 N.
2. Fuel: Kerosene/ Diesel/ Fuel oil #1/#2.
3. Mass flow rate (max.): 0.5 kg/s.
4. Overall engine diameter < 20cm.
5. Overall engine length < 35cm.
6. Max. RPM: 80,000

7. Air intake: Axi-symmetric, annular, convergent type.
8. Compressor: Single stage, centrifugal, pressure ratio around 1: 3.5.
9. Combustion chamber: With air gap high voltage discharge type hermetically sealed ignition coil and igniter plug.
10. Turbine: Single stage axial type, max. pressure ratio about 30.
11. Nozzle: Axi-symmetric, max. exhaust gas temperature 7000C.
12. Engine mounting: Pivot bearing support to enable direct measurement of thrust using load cell.
13. Oil lubrication system.
14. High speed computer based data acquisition system.
15. High speed processing system with 20 analog IN, 20 digital IN / OUT and computer on-screen real time data display.
16. Automatic engine control system, compatible with data acquisition and processing system to enable engine operation at optimum conditions (OPTION)
17. Operator control panel with digital display of exhaust gas temperature, engine speed, engine thrust, and analog display of oil pressure, engine pressure and air start pressure.
18. Operator panel / controls with master switch – keyed / toggle, ignition switch, fuel pump switch, engine RPM control, ignition status indicator and oil pressure indicator.
19. Electronic pressure sensors, 0 – 4 bar, 0 – 35 bar.
20. Temperature sensors, thermocouples, 0 – 5000C, 0 – 10000C.
21. Pitot-static probe.
22. Gas turbine power plant safety systems to switch–off the equipment in case of any malfunctioning of components and emergencies.
23. Sound suppressor system, exhaust silencer and pipe line with insulation to reduce noise levels at intake and exhaust (OPTIONAL)