Thermodynamics: Gas Turbine Model GTH 019

Gas Turbine Power Plants find applications in several areas including aeronautical, marine and power
generation. In view of its applications in power generation and propulsion, understanding of the
thermodynamics, operation, working and the performance of the gas turbine power plant is important for
the Mechanical, Aerospace, Marine and Propulsion Engineering students of educational institutions.

Item Description

The Sci-tech Gas Turbine Model GTH 019 is compact bench top educational equipment mounted on a mobile metal frame with castor wheel, designed and developed to demonstrate to students the various aspects including the thermodynamics, operation, control and performance of gas turbine power plants and the associated aspects of noise and its control. The set-up incorporates necessary instrumentation to carryout fluid flow, energy transfer, combustion and gas turbine analysis. It is an open system and consists of an air intake, centrifugal compressor, combustion chamber, single stage axial flow turbine and a nozzle. Sensors are provided to measure pressures and temperatures at all critical locations to enable analysis of each component and the overall system. There is a provision to measure propulsion jet thrust using a load cell. Provision is made to measure and reduce noise levels using a sound suppressor system. Fully instrumented operator control panel featuring one touch automatic start is provided. The operation, control, data acquisition and data analysis are through a computer based system. There is a provision for user configurable real time computer data display. All components are manufactured according to established aerospace standards and using vacuum investment casting or precision CNC machining. All high temperature components will be manufactured using 17-4 ph stainless steel, Inconnel 718 0r CMR 247 super alloy. All metal surfaces will be treated suitably to improve durability and wear resistance. The Sci tech PC Based Gas Turbine Model GTHEx-019 is important equipment for any Propulsion and Power Plant Laboratories of educational institutions.

Technical Specifications

1. Control panel
2. Gas turbine Rating 1KW (Approx.)
3. Eddy current dynamometer
4. Multipoint digital temp indicator
5. Digital tachometer
6. Voltmeter
7. Ammeter
8. Dynamometer loading arrangement
9. Gas flow meter
10. Air flow meter
11. All required Pressure gauges
12. Compact Disc