Temperature Transducer Trainer Model PCT 061

Sci-tech Temperature Transducer Trainer Model PCT 061

Item Description

* Study of 4 different temperature transducers – NTC thermistors, RTD Platinum, K(Cr-Al) thermocouples, IC temperature sensors.
* Study & comparison of Temperature transducer controlled alarm system

Technical Specifications

* PID control: P, P+I, P+D & P+I+D control action
* Instrumentation amplifier, add on amplifier : X1, X100, X235, P controller, I controller, D controller Comparator, Electronic switch, Signal conditioning, Rotary /Slide pots, Heater, Relay, Buzzer, LED

Digital meter: Actual/Set temp/mV

Switched faults: 08 provided

Detailed Instruction/Experiment Manual with necessary circuit theory / diagram, operating details, tables including voltages & waveform at different test points, graphs are provided.