Temperature Measurement Apparatus Model TH 081

– Table Top, Compact, comprehensive, sturdy design
– Complete instrumentation for study of Temperature Measurement using different instruments.
– Comparison of different methods of temperature devices
– Calibration of different types of Temperature sensors can be studied.

Item Description

Sci-tech Temperature Measurement Apparatus Model TH 081 is a self-contained unit capable of studying Temperature measurement by different instruments. The basic setup consists of an electrically heated water bath with temperature controller. The temperature of the water bath can be maintained at different set points so that number of readings can be obtained. Different type of temperature sensors are inserted in the water bath along with Thermometer. The temperatures recorded by the thermocouples are displayed on a Digital indicator. The entire setup is mounted on a sturdy steel fame or table mountable frame.
Optionally temperature measurements using Bi-metallic thermometer, Gas thermometer, Mercury thermometer and Psychrometer Wet & Dry Bulb type are offered.

Technical Specifications

– Electrically heated Hot Water bath of rating 2KW with temperature limit of @ 80 degree C.
– Motorized Stirrer
– Temperature controller with indicator
– Bi-metallic temperature indicator: 0-400 degree C
-Vapor pressure thermometer
– Self-Adhesive surface temperature indicators
– Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer
– Digital resistance/mW Meter
– Thermocouple – Type J & K……..-40degree – + 200degreeC

– RTD, PT-100 Sensor……..-50 degree C – +400 degree C
– Platinum Resistance Thermometer 0-100 degree C
– Thermistor (NTC) ….20degree – 55degreeC
– Base frame: M.S. frame, Powder coated
– Electrical Switches & Indicators