Synchronous Machines Trainer Kit Model ELTR 030

A] Aluminum profile sturdy flat panel (table top) system, carrying various high voltage components housed in plastic enclosures (panel) to minimize shock possibility.
– Input 3 phase DOL Starter panel (EMT1)
[10 Shrouded Banana]
– 4 pole MCB of 415 V/2A .
– DOL 9A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz / 11VA COIL .
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A – 2.3A .
Integrated AC (3/1 phase) measurement panel EMT34 Bidirectional optionally with PC interface & multifunction power meter EMT20F [1 phase]

Item Description

– Consist of 2 nos of (96X96mm) Digital meters one each for 3ø & 1ø. Measures V, I, PF (0.2 lag – unity 0.2 lead), Hz. Hence separate analog watt-meters (3, 1) are not needed.
– Current specs for 3 meter = 1.5A (Balanced load) and 1A/5A for 1ø meter (170-250V).

Technical Specifications

– FWD/REV, Star-Delta starter panel (EMT 4)
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– FWD/REV, 3 pole 3 way switch with center OFF, 6A/440V.
– Star/Delta switch 3 pole, 3 way with center OFF, 6A/440V.
– 3 Phase wound Rotor & Sync. Motor panel (EMT 5A/5B)
[8 Shrouded Banana]
– Rotor resistors of 30E/5A with 3 taps of 0E, 15E, 21E, 30E each ——–3 nos
– Rotor resistor selector switch, 3 pole.6 Way .6A/440 V.
– DC Rotor excitation over current relay (3Amp)
– 1ø Motor, Alternator & Sync. Motor Panel (EMT 16)
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– 1ø MCBs of 4A/1.6A 1 each.
– 2no 2P2W selector switches to run as 1ø alternator then as synchronous motor.
– 8A pushbutton switch to simulate as centrifugal switch.
– DC voltmeter and DC ammeter panel (EMT 6A/6B)
[14 Shrouded Banana]
a) DC voltmeter (0-300V)
b) DC Ammeter (0-5A) with polarity protection diode
c) Field failure relay to control Armature supply. Both 6A/6B needed simultaneously.
– SCR Actuator (variable DC) cum sensor signal conditioning panel (EMT9) [4 Shrouded Banana]
– Full bridge SCR based 0V-195V / 5 Amp cosine firing with linear charateristics.
– Supports signal conditioning circuit for speed, torque in kg wt to output 0-2.5Vdc (FS).
– 3 Nos. of these supplies required for DC Armature, DC motor field and AC generator field.
– Instrumentation Power supply cum Multichannel DPM panel (EMT 8)
[10 Shrouded Banana]
(a) +/-12 V, 500 mA (b) +5V, 300mA (c) Unregulated 17V dc/750 mA
(d) line synchronizing signal. (e) 13V / 3 Amp. (f) Multi channel DPM for digital display of torque, speed etc
– Resistor Load (EMT14A/14B)
(1) AC Resistors = 10K/5K/3.5K/2.5K/2K/1.5K/200WX3 phases/ 6 taps
(2) DC Resistors = 750E/600E/300E/212E/162E/125E/112E/100E/400W / 6 taps+OFF+ separate 60E tap for DC series Gen.
– LC Load (EMT 15A/15B) panel
(A) Inductive load = 0.15H/0.3H/0.45H/0.6H/0.75H/1.5H/3H/400mAX3Nos.
(B) Capacitive load =1.25μ/2.5μ/5μ/415VX 3Nos.
– Mechanical Dimension(mm) : = 1170(L) X 300 (W) X 990 (H)
– Net Weight : 56 kg
– Optional Accessories :
(1) Hand held non contact Digital tachometer
(2) Analog AC voltmeter (EMT2) and dual range Ammeter (EMT3)
(3) EMT 34 bidirectional power meter and analyser with RS232C / RS485
(4) 3 phase sequence indicatorcum protection panel (P30)
(5) 1 phase variable transformer 3 Amp rating