Strut Buckling Apparatus Model MT 060

Sci-tech Strut Buckling Apparatus Model MT 060 is an apparatus, to demonstrate the buckling of  structures under compression.

Item Description

Buckling is a phenomenon of structural instability that is generally suffered by slender structures under compression. A perturbing force acts over them and causes a failure on them before reaching the critical compressive stress.

Sci-tech Strut Buckling Apparatus Model MT 060 allows the student to obtain experimentally the buckling critical load of slender struts subjected to compression.

The unit allows to study the buckling of pieces of different lengths, ranging from 300 mm. to 625 mm., to which different support conditions can be applied:
– Pin-joined end conditions.
– Rigidly fixed end conditions.
– One end pinned and the other fixed.

Technical Specifications

This unit is mounted on a frame made of anodized aluminum profiles and painted steel panel and supports.
The unit basically consists of:
– 2 Guides to slide the movable clamp, made of stainless steel, that allow to test pieces up to 650 mm long.
– Universal supports to fasten the test piece, according to the required end conditions.
– Movable clamp located at one end. It has a crank to adjust the test piece to the desired length.
Besides, it has a system to measure the applied force, by measuring the deformation of an elastic ring. The clamp can be placed in pinned end or fixed end position, according to the desired practical exercise.
– Fixed clamp, which has several functions. The knob has two positions according to the desired end conditions for the clamp. Other function is the system to apply the force to the test piece, consisting of a crank, that compress the structure when it is turned to the right.
– Differential screw to allows the system compression.
– Dial gauge, with a measuring range of 0-5mm or 0-13mm and accuracy of 0.01 mm to determine the compression load to which the test piece is subjected.
– Load Cell Capacity: 500N
– Nine test pieces of different length are included. They are made of tempered steel and their dimensions are 20 – 25mm width and 1.5 mm. thickness:
Test piece 300 mm. long.
Test piece 350 mm. long.
Test piece 400 mm. long.
Test piece 450 mm. long.
Test piece 500 mm. long.
Test piece 550 mm. long.