Strain Gauge Training System Model MT 015

Strain gauges are used extensively in sensor systems to detect forces, moments and deformations. Sci-tech Strain Gauge Training System Model MT 015 experimental unit provides a wide-ranging introduction to the fundamentals of measurement by strain gauges.

Item Description

* Basic introduction to measurement with strain gauges1
* Electronic measurement of mechanical variables1
* Test bars for tension, bending and torsion1
* Universal 1-channel measurement amplifier

Technical Specifications

[1] experimental unit investigating the fundamentals of strain gauge measurement
[2] tension, bending and torsion tests each with strain gauge measuring points in full bridge circuit
[3] strain gauge application areas protected by Plexiglas cover
[4] steel test bodies
[5] determination of modulus of elasticity on various materials using measuring objects : Brass Tension Rod,
Copper Tension Rod & Aluminum Tension Rods
[6] measurement amplifier with 4-digit digital display
[7] frame to house the measuring objects
[8] storage system to house the components

Tension bar
– measuring length: 50mm
– cross-section: 2x10mm
Bending bar
– length: 385mm
– cross-section: 5x20mm
Torsion bar
– length: 500mm
– d=10mm
Set of weights, small: 10x 0,5N, 1x 1N (hanger)
Set of weights, large
– 1x 5N, 2x 10N, 1x 20N, 1x 5N (hanger)
Strain gauge measuring point: full bridge, 350Ω
– measuring range: +/-2mV/V
– resolution: 1μV/V
– zero balancing adjustment range: +/-1mV
– supply voltage: 10VDC
Frame opening WxH: 480x450mm