Steam Generator – Simulator BSG 006

Sci-tech Steam Boiler Demonstration Unit MODEL BSG 006 is a bench top model of typical oil fired steam boiler designed according to standard practices. The unit can be used to demonstrate the operation, working and control of boilers. It is specially designed to simulate about 15 faults to trigger the safety and control systems of the boiler and to demonstrate control and safety aspects of boilers.

Item Description

The unit consists of a water tube boiler with super heater, water cooled condenser and a feed water supply system to generate wet and superheated steam. Provision is made to control steam generation rate, feed water and water level control in the boiler drum, steam pressure and steam temperature. The unit is instrumented with various sensors to measure pressures, temperatures, flow rates and water level. Various control devices such as pressure switches and limiters, temperature limiters and water level limiters are provided. Control panel with digital displays for measured parameters are provided. Computer based data acquisition system with software is provided.

Technical Specifications

1. Steam boiler with super heater, stainless steel, 50 liters, nominal pressure: 12 bar, temperature: 3000C (max.),
steam rate: 7.5 kg / hour, water tube type.
2. Burner, oil fired, 10 kW, fuel consumption: 1 kg/hour, operated with compressed air with fuel tank and pump.

3. Condenser, water cooled, glass, with suction pump to evacuate air.
4. Chimney.
5. Feed water supply system, water supply tank (100 liters), feed water pump, collector tank.
6. Compressor to supply air to burner.
7. Fan to produce forced drought.
8. Exhaust gas analyzer.
9. Temperature sensors for measurements in boiler, super heater, chimney, cooling water in condenser,
thermocouples 0-4000C (3 Nos.), 0-1000 C (1 No.).
10. Pressure sensor for measurement in boiler, 15 bar.
11. Pressure safety valve, 12 bar.
12. Pressure switch, 0.5 – 12 bar.
13. Pressure limiter, 0.5 – 12 bar.
14. Alarm for steam pressure.
15. Flow rate sensors for fuel oil, feed water, condenser cooling water and air flow.
16. Separating and throttling calorimeters for wet steam quality measurements.
17. Water level sensor.
18. Water level switches (2 Nos.).
19. Switch box for fault circuits.
20. Control panel with digital display of measured parameters.
21. Computer based data acquisition and analysis. (OPTIONAL)