Slotted Link Apparatus Model MT 018

Sci-tech Slotted Link Apparatus Model MT 018 is used to generate and investigate pure harmonic reciprocating motion.
An anodized aluminum disc used as crank is mounted on ball bearings on a white plate. This disc has a pointer
so that the input angle can be exactly read on the integrated angle measuring scale.

Item Description

Depiction of pure harmonic reciprocating motion

[1] experimental unit on harmonic reciprocating motion
[2] aluminum crank disc, anodized, 3 different crank radii
[3] anodized slider crank with 3 different output strokes
[4] integrated angle measuring scale and ruler

Technical Specifications

Crank radius
– 25mm
– 37,5mm – 50mm
Output stroke
– 50mm
– 75mm
– 100mm