Sedimentation Studies Apparatus Model FM 062

Sci-tech Sedimentation Studies Apparatus Model FM 62 is useful in investigation & comparison of sedimentation processes in different suspensions.

Item Description

The trainer is provided with five transparent cylindrical tanks for the purpose. The suspensions are prepared in measuring cups, poured into the removable tanks, and mixed by shaking. The tanks are then mounted vertically on the experimental unit. To aid observation of the sedimentation process, the tanks are illuminated from behind. Detailed Operation & Maintenance Manual is provided along with the trainer.

 Includes 5 sedimentation columns for comparison of sedimentation process.
 Columns illuminated to aid in observation of sedimentation process.

Technical Specifications

 Sedimentation Column: Length: 1.000 mm, Diameter: 51 mm, Scale division: 1mm, Material: Glass
 Fluorescent tubes
 Measuring cups
 Stopwatch

Experiment Capabilities
 Effect of initial concentration on sedimentation rates.
 Construction of settling rate curves from a single batch test.
 Effect of initial suspension height on sedimentation rates .
 Effect of particle size distribution use of flocculating additives.

Required Instruments
 Triple Beam Top Loading Balance: Capacity: 2610g

Required Services
 Electric Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase.