Round Diaphragm Apparatus Model MT 102

Sturdy, compact, self contained bench top unit for determining the surface strains and deflections of a flexible diaphragm under varying pressures.

Item Description

An aluminum diaphragm is clamped rigidly around its outer edge, creating a volume underneath its surface into which oil is filled. On the top surface of the diaphragm are attached 8 precision strain gauges at differing orientations. Round Diaphragm Apparatus Model MT 102 diaphragm is flexed, the strain gauge output is fed into a digital display, which is supplied.

The force applied to the diaphragm is created by pressurizing the oil underneath the diaphragm using a fine adjustment control mechanism. An analogue pressure indicator monitors the pressure, whilst an electronic pressure sensor monitors the same pressure but gives an output signal to the digital display.

Technical Specifications

  • Apparatus for determining surface strain and deflection of flexible diaphragm.
  • To have strain gauge attached to surface.
  • To utilize digital dial gauge for recording surface deflection and surface strain.
  • To have fine pressure adjustment for adjusting applied pressure to diaphragm.
  • Digital display for strain, pressure and deflection values.
  • Data acquisition software for key experimental parameters, optional.