Rotary Compressor Cutaway Model RAC 092


This expertly-sectioned example of a common fractional-horsepower rotary-type refrigeration compressor, facilitates and supports practical training in AC compressor design, operating principles, and maintenance. Both the steel shell and the compressor itself are cut away, allowing for full visibility of the compressor’s operating components.

Item Description

Cutaway surfaces are enhanced through painting, making the geometry of all components more clear. This professionally-crafted teaching aid will enhance any training activity relating to air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Technical Specifications

– 7 Gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated, baseplate.

– Sectioning of a fractional HP, rotary, hermetic refrigeration compressor, including both exterior casing, and compressor casting.

– Precision-painting of cutaway surfaces increasing definition and 3-dimensionality.