Rising Film Evaporator Model TH 174

– Rising film evaporator for increasing the concentration of temperature-sensitive solutions
– Hygienic operation due to carefully selected materials such as stainless steel and glass
– Cleaning possible while installed
– Counter-flow process

Item Description

Evaporators are used in process engineering and food technology for increasing the concentration of solutions. Part of the solvent is removed by evaporation, which means that the solution retains a higher concentration of dissolved solids. Film evaporators are used in particular for temperature-sensitive solutions such as milk.
Sci-tech Rising Film Evaporator Model TH 174 allows the operating behaviour of a rising film evaporator to be investigated. The untreated solution is fed from the feed tank below into the evaporator. The evaporator is a double pipe heat exchanger that is heated by steam. The steam pressure on the casing side is adjusted with a PID controller. A cyclone is installed after the evaporator to separate the evaporated solvent and the concentrated solution. The solvent vapour removed is condensed in a water-cooled condenser and collected in a tank. The concentrated solution can also be collected in a tank or fed back into the evaporator for the concentration to be increased further.

Technical Specifications

1. Rising film evaporator for increasing the concentration of temperature-sensitive solutions
2. Stainless steel steam-heated single pipe evaporator
3. Control valve for adjustment of steam pressure via PID controller
4. Water jet pump and vacuum controller to reduce the evaporation temperature
5. Separation of concentrated solution and evaporated solvent using glass cyclone
6. Glass condenser for condensation of removed solvent vapour
7. Stainless steel feed tank
8. Glass tanks for concentrate and condensate
9. Measurement of flow rate, pressure and temperature
10. Steam supply from laboratory network

Technical Specifications
Rising film evaporator
– heat transfer surface: approx. 0,08m2
– length: approx. 1,2m
Control valve: Kvs value: 0,4m3/h Water jet pump
– final vacuum: approx. 100mbar
– flow rate: approx. 90L/min
Vacuum controller: -100…0kPa Condenser for solvent vapour
– heat transfer surface: approx. 0,2m2
– feed: approx. 30L
– concentrate, condensate: approx. 10L each
Measuring ranges
– temperature: 7x 0…170°C
– pressure: -1…1bar; 0…6bar (abs); 0…10bar
– flow rate: 2…36L/h; 0…1000L/h