Redundant Truss Apparatus Model MT 078

Sci-tech Redundant Truss Apparatus Model MT 078 fits onto a Structures Test Frame. Two supports hold the top and base of one side of a structure. The top support allows pivoting, the base support allows pivoting and rolling. Initially, one of the members is missing from the structure, making it determinate.

Item Description

– High-quality structures teaching module for students of mechanical, civil and structural engineering
– Allows safe and practical experiments into determinate and indeterminate structures
– Realistic and verifiable experiment results
– Optional Software package for extra, ‘virtual’ experiments, that simulate and confirm the results from your hardware and allow extended experiments
– Optional Software package for automatic data acquisition and virtual experiments

Technical Specifications

– Load application: 500 N electronic Load Cell, Resolution 0.1N
– Strain measurement: 16-way Digital Strain Bridge
– Deflection measurement: Digital Deflection Indicator, Resolution 0.01mm
– External Frame Load: 5kN max
– Horizontal & Vertical Members: 400mm centers
– External Frame equipped with 1000mm stand
– External Frame Dimensions: Approx. 1000x1200mm